Cost of Kayak – An Approximate Pricing Guide

Kayaking has become one of the favorite water sports for many people as it comes with a fun element along with adventure and also helps the paddler burn calories. Kayak is available to rent from many training centers around the seas, but if you are looking to take up the sport seriously, it is highly recommended that you invest in a kayak.

It is always better to own a kayak rather than rent it or borrow it, as it carries a lot of advantages. The next question that rises in the minds of paddlers is the cost of a kayak. This article will guide you through the cost of a depending on its type and other proximate factors.

Cost Of A Kayak

The cost of a kayak depends on the type of kayak you are looking for. It is advisable to look for a kayak that will suit your needs and your frequency of going out in the water.

1.Fishing kayak

Perception Pescador 12 Fishing Kayak

Fishing kayaks have developed drastically in recent years due to their ease of access. The structure of fishing kayaks varies from that of a normal kayak in minor ways. Fishing kayaks come with anchor trolleys, rod holders, electronic fish finders, live bait containers, and elevated seats.

The cost of fishing kayaks usually ranges from $500. The cost will vary if you are looking for a kayak with a pedal. It may cost around $2000 with a pedal.

2.Inflatable kayak

Inflatable kayaks are one of the best options if you are looking for transporting your kayak without paying for transportation of the kayak. These kayaks are made of PVC. Air is pumped into the boat chambers when going sailing. Inflatable kayaks are comparatively cheaper but are not suitable for all types of water.

The cost of an inflatable kayak starts from $100. The expensive one from the variant will cost around $1000. You can get a good inflatable kayak with features such as paddle keepers, quick-release fins, valve adaptors, and a cockpit drain for $500.

3.Tandem kayak

Ocean tandem kayak

Designed especially for two persons, the tandem kayaks come in various sizes and models. Tandem kayaks are comparatively longer and are 18-24 feet in length. It can be paddled more efficiently as the strength of two people goes into it.

The cost of a tandem kayak starts at around $500. It ranges up to $4000 as the construction varies to accommodate two people. The average cost of a tandem kayak that is decently built can be purchased for $1000.

4.Pedal kayak

Pedal Kayak

Pedal kayak comes with an additional provision of pedaling that will enhance your kayaking experience. The pedal comes in addition to the paddle thus offering the paddler choices to decide.

This type of kayak is more expensive when compared to other kayak variants as it comes with the provision of a pedal. The cost of a pedal kayak starts from $1200. It may extend up to $4000 depending on the construction and accessories.

5.Touring kayak

Touring kayaks are specifically designed for the purpose of long-distance kayak touring. It offers the paddler more space for storage. Touring kayaks are narrower and longer with separate spaces to store food and are ideal in all types of waters.

Touring kayaks are expensive and are preferred by most people as it comes with a great level of comfort. The cost of touring kayaks varies between $1000- $4000. One can buy a touring kayak for training purposes for around $700.

6.Whitewater kayak

Whitewater kayaks are designed to withstand the pressure of running water. These kayaks are shorter and more durable as they are prone to hitting on the rocks. Whitewater kayaks are usually designed for recreational purposes and have provisions for camera mounts and paddlers. The cost of whitewater kayaks ranges between $700 and $1500.

7.Recreational kayaks

Ocean Kayak Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak

Recreational kayaks are one of the most sold variants of kayaks. It is highly suitable for people who are looking to take kayaking with friends or family.

Recreational kayak usually comes with provisions such as a basic storage compartment and space for holding paddlers. The cost of a recreational kayak starts from around $300. It can go up to $1500- $2000 based on the quality and construction techniques.

8.Sea kayak

Sea kayaks are specifically constructed to be effective on the seas and oceans. They are narrow and long to support the paddler with the waves and rough seas.

Sea kayaking usually takes longer durations as the pressure exertion is maximum. The provision for storage of food and clothing is made available in the sea kayak. The cost of a sea kayak ranges from $1000- $7000. An average sea kayak will cost between $3000- $4000 which will be durable and supportive for mid-sea kayaking.

9.Crossover kayak

Crossover kayak

Designed to be perfect for flat and white water kayaking, the crossover kayak is best suited for people looking to kayak on all types of waters. The construction is apt to make your kayaking experience easy. A few crossover kayaks also have space for storing food and gear. The cost of a crossover kayak is between $800 and $1500. The Pro crossover kayak series may cost more than $2000.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What causes the difference in the price of kayaks?

The price of the kayak varies depending on the material used for construction. It also depends on the structure and the type. For instance, if the type of kayak has to be given more space for storage, the cost may vary as the technique of construction will vary. Tandem kayaks cost more as the construction is made to accommodate two persons.

2.What are the materials used to construct a kayak?

Traditional kayaks were made of wood. The heaviness caused due to the weight of wood made paddlers reconsider the materials used. Manufacturers tried their hands on rotomolded polyethylene which allowed them to design and structure it according to their needs. Fiberglass is another common raw material used. Also, learn to properly transfer the kayak, or else you might end up damaging it.

3.Should I invest in accessories and gear?

Yes definitely. Kayak accessories and gear will help you make your adventures safe, comfortable, and fun.

4.Are all models of kayaks suitable to take children along?

It is highly recommended to check for models that support the accommodation of children. Few kayak models such as recreational kayaks dedicate a separate space to hold a child. A tandem kayak can be customized to hold more than two persons.

5.Are cheaper kayaks durable?

The durability of the kayak depends on the material used to build them. It is highly recommended to spend a reasonable amount of money and not to settle for the cheaper kayak as there are higher chances of wear and tear.

6.Do I need to invest in an expensive kayak to get the best kayaking experience?

Kayaking experience depends on many factors other than the cost of a kayak. The flow of water and the weather also add to it. Kayaks are expensive as they are built using high-quality materials to withstand the pressure of water and to be durable. Expensive kayaks are comparatively durable and are built to enhance the experience of kayaking.

7.How much does a kayak cost to rent?

Rent of kayaks depends on the variants you are looking for. Recreational kayaks cost around $20 for a day. Touring kayak rents are around $30- $40. If you are looking for additional storage facilities for long-distance sailing, the cost may increase. To rent a sea kayak, you will have to spend $25- $30.


Now that you have gained a thorough knowledge of the cost of a kayak, choose one according to your need. Ensure to choose the model of kayak based on the type of kayaking you are interested in. Also, ensure that you are comfortable when paddling and the kayak fits your body dimensions.

A sense of discomfort while seated on the kayak will spoil your entire investment. If you have any queries relating to the same, feel free to contact our team.

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