Best Trolling Motor for Bass Boat – Our Top 10 Picks in 2023

Investing in the best trolling motors will allow you to have complete control over your boat. Luckily, the trolling motor industry is evolving day by day and keeps manufacturing new models. With so many options available, you might wonder which will be suitable for your boat.

To save your time we’ve done our research and given the list of the best trolling motors for bass boats. To assist you further, we’ve also added a buying guide and answered the most commonly asked questions so you can make an informed decision on your purchase

Take a look at this article and choose what is right for you and your boat.

Minn Kota Trolling Motor

Motorguide is one of the best trolling motors suited for freshwater lakes. They are built to deliver quality performance and durability for anglers. A dual cable pull steering system improves responsiveness in the boat where you can have control over the boat completely. The shaft is composite and corrosion-resistant and provides impact protection.

Composite locking pins eliminate noise over time. You can easily stow the boat in the location you want and release it when you want. The motor height can be adjusted and easily removed. This is one of the best trolling motors for bass boats that gives clear control under high thrust.

Warranty: Lifetime factory warranty


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Noiseless on water
  • Dual cable pull steering system


  • Foot pedal is fast

2. Newport Vessels Trolling Motor X-Series

Minn Kota Electric Trolling Motor

Newport Vessel is one of the best trolling motors for bass boats built with efficient power. The 12v trolling motor provides excellent power for any type of boat. With this motor, you can run all day long and the motor does not overheat as it is built with high-quality components. This motor has a 36-inch shaft, 10 LED battery meters, 6-inch telescoping tiller handle, 30 degrees adjustable head, and a propeller with 3 blades.

The tiller angle, height, angle, and direction all can be locked and adjusted into the same place. There are 8 speeds, 5 forwards, and 3 reverses. The 3 blade propeller gives the motor great torque to move the boat. Plus, Newport's vessels are built with high-quality magnesium, stainless steel, and zinc hardware that is best suited for freshwater and saltwater environments.

Warranty: 2 years


  • Efficient power
  • 10 LED battery meter
  • 3 blade propeller


  • Battery can be more effective

B. Best Saltwater Trolling Motors

1. Haswing Trolling Motor

Haswing Trolling Motor

Another best trolling motor for the bass boats on the list is Haswing which is designed to run more hushed. It gives you improved control over your desired speed and you can shift to your speed in smoother adjustments. You can control the boat with the remote control from anywhere around 164ft distance and the remote control can be charged with a USB cable or power bank anytime.

You can easily install or remove the motor with a quick-release bracket. The 14.7ft foot helps you steer the boat precisely. With remote control, you can keep the boat at your preferred speed. You may have to correct the direction from time to time due to wind or current.

This is one of the best saltwater trolling motors as it can be used in both freshwater and saltwater. Built to be corrosion resistant to protect the important metal components when being used in saltwater. The shaft is 48-inch making it easier for different types of boats. Change the depths easily and quickly with an easy-to-use depth collar. This motor is designed to make your trip safe, quiet, and fun.

Warranty: Limited


  • Bow mount trolling motor
  • Wireless remote control
  • Quick-release bracket


  • Foot pedal control might be difficult

2. Newport Vessels Trolling Motor

Minn Kota’s motors come with an i-Pilot

Newport Vessels are another best trolling motor for bass boats on the list. This has a 24-inch fiberglass shaft which can be used for varying depths. 8-speed options (5 forward & 3 reverse) allow changing your speed limit accordingly. The 6-inch telescoping handle will give you complete control over your ride.

This is the best saltwater trolling motor designed to be corrosion-resistant. The magnesium, zinc, and stainless steel hardware make this the best motor for saltwater use. This trolling motor is powered by a 12-volt marine battery. With the LED battery indicator, you can check the battery level. The high-quality materials used in the making ensure the motor's long life.

Warranty:2 years


  • LED battery indicator
  • 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds
  • 24 ft adjustable shaft


  • Battery is not included

3. Motorguide Wireless Trolling Motor

Minn Kota produces the best trolling motor for bass boats

Motorguide wireless motor is one of the best trolling motors for bass boats with easy navigation. You can quickly check the status of four key functions with a handy LED dashboard. The GPS gives a clear control and a stronghold on your anchor point.

The high-tech coating of the motor makes them impenetrable to moisture and dust. This makes this one of the best saltwater trolling motors delivering 80 pounds of peak thrust. It also has a 60 feet long composite shaft with a glass-filled propeller. This is one of the best motors which gives you clear propulsion for ultimate boat control.

Warranty:Lifetime warranty


  • 60 feet long composite shaft
  • LED dashboard
  • GPS for precise control


  • Not resistant to corrosion

C. Best Trolling Motors Suitable for All Water Types

1. Minn Kota Trolling Motor

Newport Vessels Trolling Motor

The Minn Kota Endura is one of the best trolling motors for bass boats and is most commonly preferred by fishermen from all over North America. They come with different options for shaft length and thrust to accommodate every type of boat. This motor needs only 12 voltage cycle battery which makes it easy to install, mount and wire properly. This simple feature makes this a perfect motor for the fishermen.

Minn Kota is a hand-controlled motor that gives you a real-time response. It gives an enhanced grip for a better propelling performance of the boat. This trolling motor has five forward speeds and three reverse features and it can be mounted at the back end of the boat. This is one of the best trolling motors for bass boats that you will not regret buying.

Warranty:2 years


  • 12 voltage power
  • Composite shaft
  • Transom mount


  • The quality of the motor can be improved

2. Minn Kota Electric Trolling Motor

Motorguide Trolling Motor

Minn Kota’s motors are one of the most commonly used trolling motors among fishermen. This motor includes an i-Pilot GPS trolling system that has incredible features making it one of the best GPS trolling motors that help you keep track of the fish. It also controls speed, steering, record paths, and more. This i-Pilot gives automatic control over the boat and where you can view them all on the large LCD screen.

The spot-lock holds you in place with GPS accuracy. This feature will keep your boat standstill right above any fishing place without touching the trolling motor. You can move your spot-lock with a jog to five feet in any direction.

With autopilot mode, you will be able to navigate your boat in the direction you choose. The foot pedal will give you active steering and instant responsiveness and there is a button to activate the spot-lock electronic anchor. The digital maximizer gives you 5 times longer runs with a single battery charge. You can lock the steering and it will go in the direction you point even if you take your foot off the pedal. All these amazing features make this the best trolling motor for bass boats.

Warranty: 3 years


  • Autopilot mode
  • i-Pilot GPS trolling system
  • Spot-lock
  • Power steering
  • Digital maximizer


  • Customer support can be better

3. Minn Kota Trolling Motor

Newport Vessels Trolling Motor X-Series

Minn Kota’s motors come with an i-Pilot which makes this the best GPS trolling motor on the market. They are designed to be durable and sturdy to give longer life to the motor. You can automatically navigate your boat in any direction you want with autopilot mode.

In a single charging, a digital maximizer gives 5 times longer run. Thus you can conserve battery while riding at different speeds. You will not regret buying this motor as it gives you an amazing user experience. All the features included in this motor make this one of the best trolling motors for bass boats.

Warranty:2 Years


  • Weedless wedge 2
  • I-pilot GPS trolling system
  • Autopilot mode
  • Digital maximizer


  • Customer support can be better

4. Minn Kota Trolling Motor

Motorguide Wireless Trolling Motor

Minn Kota produces the best trolling motor for bass boats by designing them to be durable and reliable. This motor can be stowed by pulling up and forward and can be released using an easy-access thumb. The depths can be changed simply and securely. With an easy-to-use adjuster, when you find your depth you can just lock the boat in the place.

The digital maximizer provides a 5 times longer run and lets you dial in the same speed also conserving the battery for a full day of fishing. The shaft is composite thereby it doesn’t corrode, break or bend on any impact. The quick-cam depth adjuster allows more steering responsiveness with less effort. And it has the weedless wedge, the most trusted fishing prop.

Warranty: 2 years


  • One-hand stow
  • Quick-cam depth adjuster
  • Digital maximizer


  • Product quality can be better

5. Watersnake Trolling Motor

Watersnake Trolling Motor

Watersnake is one of the best electric trolling motors which is lightweight. While keeping the weight down, it delivers equal quality and performance on every kayak. You can take this motor into the water without worrying as the parts are made of stainless steel and covered in anti-corrosion paint.

The transom mount can be adjusted for easy installation. This motor has a hand tiller with an extendable handle, high and low-speed control, and a mini weedless propeller. Overall, this motor is a great choice for kayaks, canoes, and inflatable boats.

Warranty: 1 year


  • Transom mount fitting that is adjustable
  • Shock-resistant clip system
  • Speed control


  • Propeller can be better

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Trolling Motor for Bass Boats

Whether you are buying the motor for a small boat or a big one, there are certain important factors you need to consider. We have listed them down for you.

1. Thrust

Thrust refers to how powerful your boat’s motor is. They are basically calculated based on your boat’s weight and length. When your boat is larger and heavier, you will need more thrust. You should never buy a motor with too little thrust. When motors have high voltages, they will have more power. Thrust is all about ‘pull and twist’

2. Size of the Boat

Ensure your motor is large enough depending on the size of your boat to provide enough thrust to move you forwards. Depending on the size of the boat you should pick the motor because the thrust differs accordingly.

3. Power

A trolling motor is operated by a heavy-duty battery. Some trolling motors have more voltage options which give propelling power. But brushless motors produce as much power as traditional motors. So you should choose your motor power depending on the type of boat you will be using.

4. Shaft length

The shaft length is the driveshaft that runs along the front end of your motor. It can be replaced to increase the power of your driveshaft.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which shaft length is right for a trolling motor?

Shaft length is important for the control of your boat. It shouldn’t be either too short or too long because it affects the propulsion system of the boat. Make sure you find the appropriate shaft length for safe boating.

2. What to choose, hand or foot control trolling motor?

Each one has its unique characteristics. For example, in a foot-control trolling motor, you will have hands-free usage whereas in a hand-control trolling motor you will get an immediate response. You should pick either of them based on your needs.

3. Which type of trolling motor is better?

Trolling motors fall under 2 categories - A bow mount trolling motor which is installed at the front part of the boat and a transom mount trolling motor which is built at the back end. A bow mount motor provides great mobility and control and is suitable for larger boats. While transom mounts motors are ideal for smaller boats and canoes.

4. Can a trolling motor be installed on our own?

Yes, a trolling motor can be installed on our own. But it is better to have a friend by your side as trolling motors are heavy to lift. And make sure you do the right measurements before drilling and pay close attention to all the electricals you use.

5. What kind of batteries are recommended for trolling motors?

There are too many options available for trolling motor batteries in the market. Generally, AGM batteries are suggested for trolling motors. They usually cost more but give longer life. Traditional lead-acid batteries are a better choice if you are on a budget. Batteries start from $100 and go above $2000.

6. What is the average cost of trolling motors?

Trolling motors are now available at a reasonable price. Electric trolling motors typically cost from $500 and may even go up to $3000.


The trolling motor industry has given us a lot of products to choose from. Due to the increased usage by fishermen and boat owners, trolling motors are now available at an affordable price.

Choosing the best trolling motors for bass boats not only ensures longer life but gives you the best memorable experience. That is why it is crucial to pick the right one. Hope this article on the best trolling motors for bass boats will help you pick the right product. Drop a comment if you have any doubts and we will get back to you soon!

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