Best Kayak Trailers (2024)

Kayak trailers are the equipment used to carry a kayak. Transporting a kayak from the storage to your favorite kayaking destination can be seamlessly done with the best kayak trailers. Many ace kayakers prefer to invest in kayak trailers to transport their kayaks to the paddling destinations without causing damage to the kayak. As kayaks are prone to damage while transporting, kayak trailers are one of the widely recommended options to port a kayak. 

Best Kayak Trailers

1. Malone MegaWing Trailer ( Mega Sport Trailer )

  • Made of marine-grade galvanized steel frame
  • DOT-approved lighting and tires
  • Two-set kayak carrier
  • Second-tier load bar system
  • Plastic storage drawer

 Malone Megasport kayak trailer is made of a marine grade galvanized steel frame which is ideal for all types of waters. Be it freshwater or saltwater, the steel frame can withstand wear and tear and also prevent the trailer from getting rusted. The steel load bars are extended up to 86 inches to support longer kayaks. Kayaks of up to 19 feet in length can sit comfortably on the sports trailer. 1000 lb leaf spring suspension is highly durable and ensures the performance of the trailer. galvanized tires and wheels are capable of withstanding weights of up to 1650 lb. The 2-inch class two hitch with a lift handle and jack stand makes the trailer highly functional. The trailer includes two sets of kayak carriers, a 1-spare tire with locking attachment, a 1-wire storage basket, a 1-plastic storage drawer, and a 2nd-tier load bar system.


  • High-quality galvanized steel frame
  • DOT-approved lighting and tires
  • 1650 lb load capacity


  • Handles may be made of thickened steel

2. Malone Auto Racks Trailer ( Microsport Trailer )

  • Made of marine grade pre-galvanized steel frame
  • 2” Hinch fits most attachments
  • Holds four kayaks
  • Extended heavy-duty tongue
  • Foldaway storage rods

The black kayak trailer package from the house of Malone is a highly productive product that can store up to 4 kayak boats in a row. Alloy steel that is of marine grade and pre-galvanized has gone into the making of the trailer. The cross rails made of coated steel are 78” and fit most of the attachments. Support skid and lift handle is 8”. The tongue is capable of holding longer boats. This aids the kayaker in holding all types of kayaks irrespective of their lengths. The base kayak trailer is 197 lbs which can hold four kayaks sturdily. The steel used to make the kayak trailer is capable of holding weights up to 800 pounds.


  • Galvanized spare tire
  • Thorough instruction for installation
  • High suitability


  • High mechanical installation

3. Right On Dolly Trailer ( Base Trailer )

  • Frame made of alloy steel
  • Highly sturdy tires and wheels
  • Ideal for solo kayakers
  • Hitch suits most attachments

Right on Trailer has come up with the best base trailers that can withstand all the shocks of the rugged roads and pavements. Made using alloy steel, this base trailer is capable of holding one strong kayak. The soft springs of the trailers ensure the absorption of vibrations caused by the condition of the roads. The wheels and tires of the trailers are made from premium quality materials which helps the trailer to be smooth on roads. Also, the weight-holding capacity of the trailer is achieved by the quality of the tires and materials used in making the trailer. Lights on the trailer ensure safety at all times and it is to be noted that the trailer’s light is made following all the regulations listed out by the traffic law.


  • Ideal for all road conditions 
  • Handles well at all speeds
  • Ideal for small kayaks


  • Paint peels off after saltwater encounter

4. Multi Sport Trailer ( Multi Sports Trailer )

  • Highly durable frames 
  • 65” long round crossbars
  • 2″ Ball Hitch Coupling
  • 1″ bearing hubs with grease fittings

Right-on-trailer has used the premium quality aluminum available in the market to make this kayak trailer. One of the finest products available in the market is equipped with the best features such as long round cross bars, folding tongue stand, 2 “ball hitch coupling, and 1″ bearing hubs with grease fittings. 65” long round crossbars are highly efficient and work well with Yakima, Thule, and Malone. The equipment can hold two kayaks without any hardships. Additionally, the multi-sport trailer can also accommodate two bikes on the top that can be bolted to prevent any mishappenings. The suspension system of the trailer is efficient to face all roads including tough terrains and promises a controlled towing system. Submersible Light Kit and wire harness are an added advantage that adds to the advantages of the trailer.


  • ‎Carbon Steel with powder coat finish
  • Lightweight
  • Highly efficient suspension system


  • Not suitable for huge boats

Best Kayak Cart

1. Bonnlo Kayak Trailer Collapsible Kayak Wheels Cart

  • Made of aluminum alloy pipe 
  • Airless wheels
  • Foldable cart
  • 12″H spring-loaded stand

Made of aluminum alloy pipe, the kayak wheels cart is among the finest products from the house of Bonnlo. If you are looking to transport your kayak or boat from the land to the waters without facing any hardships, this kayak wheel cart will assist you without any hardships. The sturdiness of the wheels can be understood from the weight-holding capacity of the kayak cart. The cart can hold up to 165 pounds. The tires of the kayak wheels cart are structured to suit all types of terrains such as sands, lawns, and terrains. The diameter of the tires is designed to ensure the smooth rolling of the tires while carrying the kayaks. Foam bumpers on each arm protect the kayak from any damage. 12″H spring-loaded stand ensures easy porting of kayaks and canoes from the water.


  • Ideal for all surfaces 
  • Grip tires
  • Presence of ratchet straps


  • Chances of collapsing

2. Suspenz Kayak Canoe Trailer Cart

  • Foldable cart
  • Airless wheels
  • Presence of rubber adjustable rubber pads
  • Quick release wheels

One of the best-structured kayak trailer carts, that assists in easy movement of the kayak. The kayak can be ported into the water swiftly with this cart in place as the cart has a sturdy body and tires. The trailer cart is highly suitable for flat-bottom kayaks and canoes as the depth of the equipment is kept at 1”. The body of the kayak is kept protected from the cart because of the presence of rubber bumpers. These adjustable rubber bumpers restrict contact with the metal which prevents scratches and damage. The presence of double straps provides greater support to the person who is loading and unloading the kayak. Also, the trailer cart keeps the kayak in place because of the double straps. The trailer cart can be folded and stored easily.


  • Mesh bag 
  • Easy to move on any surface
  • Lightweight
  • Easy assemble


  • Ideal only for flat-bottomed kayaks

3. Generic Aluminum Bend Kayak Carrier

  • Made of superior aluminum alloy 
  • Ideal for all types of kayaks and canoes
  • Durable tires
  • Welded for sturdiness

A highly innovative product that has been designed to suit all types of canoe and kayak. The kayak carrier is made of superior aluminum alloy. The aluminum used in the kayak carrier is highly durable and can be used for shifting heavy kayaks and canoes. The rolling tube tires are made for smooth performance. The tires are suitable for shifting your kayak from the water to the parking space. Also, the height of the hitch ensures that the kayak is ported comfortably for paddling. The strap present between the two aluminum rods prevents the kayak from slipping off the kayak carrier.


  • Easy to handle 
  • Corrosion resistant material
  • Premium bolts and screws


  • Not suitable for long kayaks

Types Of Kayak Trailers

Single Kayak Trailers

Single kayak trailers are designed and structured to carry a single kayak. Solo paddlers sailing without a partner or a company can own a single kayak as they are comparatively light and can be ported without any hardships. Many single-kayak trailers are constructed with rollers to make loading and unloading easier. Base trailers constructed to accommodate single kayak trailers are sturdy and comfortable. They are usually made of aluminum and steel to absorb road vibration.

Stacker Trailers

Kayak trailers that are constructed to adopt more trailers are the stacker trailers. Stacker trailers are highly suitable for paddlers who are sailing as a gang. Carrying four to five kayaks is comparatively simple. Loading and unloading the kayaks are easy as the stacker trailers have skid and lift handles. Microsport kayak trailers include 4 Malone foldaway-J kayak carriers which allows the paddler to store four kayaks without any hardships.

Foldable Trailers

Many manufacturers are making foldable kayak trailers to port and store these trailers. Foldable kayaks can be folded easily and can be stored when they are not in use. Foldable kayaks are also highly suitable for recreational kayaking as they can be shipped on flights and ships without occupying much of the space.

Multi-Kayak Trailers

Storing two or more kayaks can be seamlessly done with a multi-kayak trailer. Multi-kayak trailers are suitable for friends and family who are a duo or three. Many multi-kayak trailers such as multisport trailers are also equipped with racks or carriers to port other rides such as bicycles. This provides more space for you to carry your other adventure pieces of equipment such as your bikes. 

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Kayak Trailers

1. Suitability

You must check your vehicle’s compatibility with the kayak trailer before making the actual purchase. The vehicle you are choosing to travel to the kayaking destination must be able to withstand durability and must be able to pull the kayak trailer. Additionally, you must also inspect if you need to install a hitch receiver to make it compatible with the kayak trailer.

2. Loading

The trailer’s design must support easy loading and unloading. When you are using the trailer, you must not feel any sense of discomfort. Solo paddlers must ensure that there are no restrictions on loading and unloading the kayak from the trailer as you will not be able to seek support in wild areas.

3. Material

Materials that have gone into the making of the trailer have to be considered while choosing the kayak trailer. Kayak trailers are made using materials such as aluminum and steel. The sturdiness and life of each material varies which affects the life of the trailer. Choosing the right material is vital to keep the kayak last for a longer period.

4. Weight Capacity

The weight holding capacity of each kayak trailer varies significantly depending on many factors. Understanding the kayak will help you to make a better decision. Materials used to make the kayak along with other factors such as their durability must be understood to choose the best kayak trailer.

5. Tire Quality

Tires are the main factors that are responsible for keeping the kayak trailer in a good state. Without good tires in place, the kayak will get damaged. Also, traveling long distances can be effortlessly done only with sturdy and durable tires.

6. Consider The Reviews

Reviews from customers are one of the greatest assets when you are looking to buy a kayak trailer. The best kayak trailers can be purchased when you see the reviews and filter out the products based on them. Customers who have purchased and used the trailers will know better about them and their suitability.

Who Can Buy Kayak Trailers?

Although kayak trailers may not be of maximum use to everybody, they will be highly useful for the people mentioned below.

1. Ace Kayakers

Kayak enthusiasts who have been into the sport for a long time can invest in a kayak trailer. Kayakers who love the sport usually own two to three kayaks, which might turn into a hardship while storing them. When there is a kayak trailer in place, the kayaks can be stored easily without any hardship. Also, during kayaking expeditions, a few people carry various types of kayaks to encounter the various types of water bodies. Kayak trailers will make this porting simple and prevent the kayak from getting damaged.

2. Beginners

Beginners who are learning the sport and have just invested in a kayak can purchase a kayak trailer. This will help them immensely to keep the kayak protected. Transporting a kayak from the storage to the waters will also be completely new and there may be many hardships while loading and unloading the kayak into your cars or trucks. With a kayak trailer, all the barricades to transporting the kayak will be broken. Additionally, with the best kayak carts, you will never feel the burden of porting your kayak.

3. Camp Organizers

Kayak camps keep happening from time to time. The organizers of the kayak camps can invest in the kayak trailer to carry the kayaks to the camp without facing much shipping expenses. This will highly benefit the camp organizers to cut down on the cost. Also, the kayaks will return to the garage without any cracks and damage.

Maintaining A Kayak Trailer

Rinse After Every Use

Cleaning the tires and entire body after every usage is important to maintain the kayak trailer. There are higher chances of mud and debris being settled on the parts of the kayak trailers. Kayak trailers are prone to getting dirty which might lead to the formation of rust. Using freshwater to wash the kayak trailer will remove the settled salt.

Grease The Metal Parts

Metal parts such as bolts and screws must be greased at regular intervals to maintain their life. If they are left without maintenance, there are immense chances of them getting rusted and breakage is also possible after a certain period. Also, the smooth running of the trailer can be ensured when the metal parts are greased frequently.

Check The Bolts And Screws

Kayak trailers and the best kayak carts are constructed using metal bolts and screws. These must be inspected before and after every use. There are higher chances of these metal parts falling apart or getting loosened during off-road adventures. It is highly recommended to keep these screws and bolts tightened at all times to ensure that the kayak trailers are safe for movement.


If you own a dedicated space in your garage or home for a kayak trailer, ensure that it is maintained clean at all times. This will prevent the formation of rust and dust around the kayak trailers. Also, when you are storing the kayak trailers, ensure that the space is dry. Keeping the kayak trailer off the sun and heat will prevent the wear and tear caused due to the exposure.

Professional Checkup

To maintain the quality of the best kayak carts and trailers, it is important to get them checked by a professional at regular intervals. Professionals are better aware of the condition of each of the parts. This will help you to become aware of the hidden damages on the trailers.


Now that you know all the essential things that revolve around the kayak trailers, you can make a confident decision. You will be able to keep the kayak trailers without any wear and tear when you follow these directions to choose and maintain your kayak. These specialized trailers will be of maximum productivity and will certainly protect your kayaks from known and unknown dangers. 

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