Everything You Need to Know About Pedal Kayaks

Kayaking has become one of the best outdoor activities that many are actively taking up. As a result, many are giving attention to the various types of kayaks and kayaking, and one in particular – pedal kayaks. Pedal kayaks are one of the sought-after types of kayaks among kayak lovers because they don’t disturb the … Read more

Cost of Kayak – An Approximate Pricing Guide

Cost of kayak

Kayaking has become one of the favorite water sports for many people as it comes with a fun element along with adventure and also helps the paddler burn calories. Kayak is available to rent from many training centers around the seas, but if you are looking to take up the sport seriously, it is highly … Read more

When Does Kayaking Season Start & End?

Kayaking Season

Every year, people ask us this question – When the kayaking season begins and ends? The answer to the question isn’t straightforward, however, there is a kayaking season. How long you can kayak safely and comfortably depends on a variety of circumstances. We’ll share all those details with you. Keep reading to learn more. How … Read more