6 Ways To Stay Safe While Kayaking in The Sun

Kayaking has become a favorite sport for people of all ages. The fun and the thrill factor that comes along with it are the main reason for the love of the sport. The history of kayaks dates back to the period of Eskimos when driftwood and the skeleton of whales were used to structure them. Moving in sharp cold waters was made easier with the invention of kayaks.

As years passed by, kayaking was practiced in all parts of the world for the physical and mental wellness associated with it, without bothering about the weather conditions. Sun, snow, rain, mist, and heat did not stop the kayakers from entering the waters. However, it is highly essential to protect yourself from the heat and sun while kayaking. The after-effects of the sun may be dangerous in some cases.

Kayak Safety Tips For Sun And Heat Protection


One product that could save your skin from the sun is sunscreen. There are numerous sunscreens available in the market. Investing in sunscreen is an intelligent choice and is equally important to a paddle for a kayak. Certain forms of sunscreen include a range of SPF in it. An SPF range of more than 30 is ideal for kayaking as it has extra powers to protect your skin from the direct sun. make sure to apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before the onset of the kayaking trip.

How To Apply Sunscreen?

  • Take the required amount of sunscreen in your palms and ensure to place patches in all the places on your skin that will be exposed to sunlight
  • Shoulders, ears, back of the neck, face, legs, and hands should have enough sunscreen
  • Apply thickly to avoid frequent application
  • Ensure to avoid contact with your eyes
  • Repeat the action every two hours while you are on the waters


kastking polarized sunglasses

Protecting your eyes is vital when you are in the water. Sunlight may affect your concentration and might easily divert you. If you are a frequent kayaker, regular contact with the UV rays of the sun might cause health issues like melanoma. Kayak sunglasses are the best solution to cover your eyes from the sunlight.


1.Floating Glasses

Made of polycarbonate or bamboo, these floating sunglasses are made to be ideal for kayaking or any water sports. They are lightweight and typically float in water. This makes it easier for you to take the floating sunglasses back from the water

2.Polarized Sunglasses

Made of nylon, the polarized sunglasses have an anti-reflective property that keeps your eyes from sunlight and heat. Also, polarized sunglasses are light and they can float in water. Water splashing on the glasses can also be wiped off quickly. Glasses with green lenses are highly against glare. It provides comfort to your eyes

3. Sun-Proof Clothing

Clothes with UPF are the ideal option for being in the sun while kayaking. UPF is the ultraviolet protection factor that is being rated for clothes made specifically for the purpose. Higher UPF rates indicate that the UV rays that can be penetrated through the clothes are low. Long-sleeve shirts or t-shirts can be considered which will cover your hands in entirety. Full pants that are light but made of materials that have a higher UPF will be ideal for the midday sun.

Fabric Idle For Kayaking In The Sun

  • Solution-dyed polyester has exceptional sun-resistant and UV-resistant properties
  • Nylon is resistant to the sun and heat generated by the sun
  • Unbleached cotton has the natural resistant property to act against the UV generated by the sun
  • Swimwear designed specifically for the purpose will be ideal as the technique used to dye and produce them blocks the sunrays and heat
  • Avoid materials with loose weave as they will allow the penetration of heat and light generated by the sun

4. Hats

Protect your head, neck, and shoulder portion by wearing a hat. UV exposure can be minimized while wearing a hat. There are hats available in various sizes and shapes that are perfect for wearing while kayaking. Hats with a back flap will offer additional protection to the neck. Hats made of polyester and nylon are ideal for a sunny day. Sun hats are the perfect choice to protect yourself from the scorching heat of the sun. The following are the characteristics to be held by a hat to protect you from the sun

  • Full circumference brim should be present. The brim should measure 3 to 5 inches
  • Scalp protection should be a part of the hat
  • Hat should be of proper fit
  • Should be made of UPF 50 material
  • Must have back flaps that cover the entire neck area

5. Gloves

Hands and fingers are highly prone to tan and allergies because of the heat from the sun. Opting for a glove will protect your hands and fingers from getting burnt. Latex and spandex are widely used materials to make kayak glove. They provide protection from sunburns and heat and also offer the maximum level of comfort. Skin cancer can also be considerably reduced while wearing gloves for kayaking trips.

Tips For A Perfect Glove

  • Ensure that the glove is of a perfect fit. It should not be flabby
  • Breathing space should be adequate
  • Material should not cause irritation on the skin

6. Start Early

If you are deciding to go kayaking, start early in the morning. The early morning sun will not cause any harm and will also provide the energy needed for the day. If you set out on your journey early, you can cover a maximum distance within mid-day. This will prevent you from the direct mid-day sun and heat which is harmful to the skin and body.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I prevent skin burns?

Sunscreen will keep your skin away from skin burns. If your skin is damaged and there are visible signs of burns, apply aloe vera or cool compresses. This will be the best remedy for skin burns after sun exposure while kayaking.

2. Are hats available for kids separately?

Kid hats are available for purchase in most sports stores. While taking kids kayaking, ensure to take all safety measures that will prevent their skin from damaging. As their skin is delicate and soft, it is highly advisable to cover all the parts that are exposed to the sun.

3. Does sunscreen cause allergies?

Allergic reactions to sunscreen are very rare. If you develop an allergy after applying sunscreen, ensure to wash them quickly with lukewarm water and consult a dermatologist.

4. Are separate sunglasses available for men and women?

Glasses are available for men and women. Choosing one according to your facial structure is highly recommended. Not all sunglasses will suit everyone. Trying a glass before making the actual purchase is highly recommended.


Taking all the steps before going out in the sun is vital while kayaking. Continuous exposure to the sun is possible when you are in the open waters. Chances of sailing in the shade are very rare which demands the need to take all necessary actions to protect yourself from the sun and heat.

A glance at the article would have helped you understand the actions and elements that are needed to protect yourself from the sun and heat. If you have any questions regarding the same, feel free to add a comment.

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