Best Black Friday & Cyper Monday Kayak Deals (2023)

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a significant sales season for retailers and an annual shopping festival for consumers that falls in the month of November. Black Friday has much significance in the United States and is celebrated following Thanksgiving. Black Friday is considered to be the best season for shopping as there are huge discounts on all the products. The shops are open round the clock for the consumers to shop for their most desired items.

Back in the 1960’s, the retailers and business owners maintained two colors in the books to show the profit and losses. “Red” ink referred to the loss borne by the company whereas “Black” ink referred to the profit gained by selling the goods. The sales used to skyrocket suddenly after Thanksgiving, thus making the retailer keep away the red ink and use only black ink in the books of accounts. This gave birth to the terminology “Black Friday”.

It is also believed that “Black Friday” was coined by Philadelphia police officers to describe the crowd and congestion caused due to the shopping spree. There was heavy traffic in the states due to long queues outside the stores and also due to increased transportation for the delivery of goods.

A reflection in the profit made during the “Black Friday” has attracted business owners from other parts of the world to announce Black Friday sales. It has become one of the most anticipated shopping seasons of the year across the world where consumers wait eagerly to purchase electronics and clothing.

During the season, the retailers make major efforts to sell most of their products. This is done by extending the store timings till midnight and by opening the store early in the mornings. The sellers step out of the doors and place their products with huge discount placards to attract customers. Online deals are also made available for customers who are unable to step out of their homes. However, priority is given to the shoppers who wait for hours together in long queues to take home their favorite products.

People usually save a large amount of their money when choosing to buy goods during this Black Friday sale. The products are sold at half prices and much discounts. This sale is also used to buy goods and clothing for Christmas and New Year.

What is Cyber Monday?

For those who are into online shopping, “Cyber Monday” is not a new term. Cyber Monday falls on the immediate Monday following Thanksgiving. There are huge online offers on all the products offered by retailers and online sellers. Discounts are offered on goods such as electronics and clothing.

Cyber Monday has caught significant attention over the years as it provides higher levels of convenience to both sellers and consumers. Buyers shortlist all the products that were either not available or affordable throughout the year and purchase them during this online shopping season.

For online shopping lovers and for people who are unable to step out of their homes due to many reasons, the Cyber Monday sale is the favorite time of the year. Also, for people who are not a fan of large queues and crowded streets, this sale would be the perfect choice.

Many retailers and business owners choose to provide “Online only deals”, which are usually higher than offline sales. This is done to create a customer database. The communication information of the consumers is known from the online sales which is used by the business in the future. Deals on their products and services are shared with the customers using this database.

Cyber Monday is also the best season of the year if you are looking to invest in a kayak. You will be able to get great deals for the best kayaks in the market. 

Inflatable Kayak

Why wait to invest in the finest inflatable kayaks when the Black Friday sale is back? Get an unbelievable reduction in prices on your favorite inflatable kayaks and enjoy kayaking in the waters. Have an undefinable experience on your next kayaking in the calm lake waters.

Best Black Friday Deals on Inflatable Fishing Kayak : Elkton Outdoors Cormorant Tandem Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Best Black Friday Deals on Inflatable Fishing Kayak : Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Fishing Kayak

Fishing is a never-ending fun with the right kayak. It is even more fun when you sail in the kayak purchased half the price. If you have been saving your pocket money to buy a fishing kayak, now is the perfect time. The Black Friday sale has gotten bigger and better.

Best Black Friday Deals on Fishing Kayak : Sentinel Angler Fishing Kayak

Best Black Friday Deals on Fishing Kayak : Pelican Sprint XR

Foldable Kayak

Foldable kayaks are the most comfortable types of kayaks to port and sail in the waters. Take home the best variants of kayaks at a slashed price in the Black Friday sale. Purchase two kayaks at the price of one and enjoy kayaking in different kayaks and experience elation.

Best Black Friday Deals on Foldable Kayak : Tucktec Folding Kayak

Best Black Friday Deals on Foldable Kayak : Oru Kayak Foldable Kayak Lake

Touring Kayak

Touring is extra exciting when done with the right kayak. If you have been waiting for a long time to invest in the best touring kayak, grab all your piggy bank savings, as they will be enough to buy a touring kayak. The Black Friday sale is going live which means you should set your shopping spree on fire.

Best Black Friday Deals on Touring Kayak : TIGERXBANG Inflatable Kayak

Best Black Friday Deals on Touring Kayak : UPWELL Inflatable Recreational Kayak

Camping trailer

Make camping merrymaking with the perfect camping trailer which can now be purchased at an affordable price at the most awaited Black Friday sale. Make unforgettable memories this Christmas and New Year by traveling and camping in your favorite trailers.

Best Black Friday Deals on Camping trailer : Malone MegaWing Trailer

Best Black Friday Deals on Camping trailer : Malone Kayak Trailer


Recreational kayaks are entirely for rejuvenation and relaxation. Kayaking in the deep to enjoy the beauty of nature and to take a break from the city honks can be best done with a recreational kayak. Purchase the ultimate recreational kayak in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale and turn your holidays into the most enjoyable one.

Best Black Friday Deals on Recreational : Pelican Sentinel Recreational Kayak

Best Black Friday Deals on Recreational : UPWELL Inflatable Recreational Kayak

Whitewater Kayak

What is the purpose of kayaking without experiencing the thrill and adventure? Get into the waters and escalate your heart rate with the best whitewater kayak. Set aside a part of your savings as you can buy your favorite whitewater kayak at a never-expected price.

Best Black Friday Deals on Whitewater Kayak : Pelican Recreational Kayak

Best Black Friday Deals on Whitewater Kayak : Tidal King Inflatable Kayak

Pedal Kayak

Excel in the waters in style and with speed in the most affordable yet quality pedal kayaks. If you have been waiting to purchase a pedal kayak, you can undoubtedly make the move right now as the most awaited Black Friday sale is going live. Pedal through the waters without spending everything from your pockets.

Best Black Friday Deals on Pedal Kayak : Wilderness Systems Radar

Best Black Friday Deals on Pedal Kayak : Perception Sit on Top Pedal Kayak

Kayak Gears

What is kayaking without the perfect kayak gear? Kayak gears are a vital part of kayaking to ensure your safety and also to provide you with a comfortable kayaking experience. If you haven’t purchased your kayaking gear yet, it's never too late as Black Friday and Cyber Monday are back with a bang.